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A preliminary study into the effect of Celmanax on milk composition of Dairy Cows
Auteur(s) : Bridgemohan, Puran
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: University of West Indies, Trinidad &Tobago Université des Antilles. Service commun de la documentation
Extrait de : 52e congrès annuel de la Société caribéenne des plantes alimentaires / 52nd annual meeting of the Caribbean food crops society (CFCS), du 10 au 16 juillet 2016. INRA, CFCS
Description : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect on milk composition of the inclusion of a fixed amount of solid prebiotic celmanac into a dairy feed before milking in lactating cows. Fourteen lactating cows, 3-4 mo lactating, were randomly equal in terms of approximate days into lactation, and allocated to one of two treatment groups: Control no Supplementation and Celmanax supplemented. Milk samples were collected every 7 days for approximately 8 weeks and sent to the lab for milk composition analysis and Draminski score testing. Cows supplemented with Celmanax had a higher (p<0.05) butter fat content (2.91%) when compared to the control (2.48%). SNF, protein & lactose percentages were lower (p<0.05) than the control Milk fat, SNF, or lactose percentages were not affected by treatment (P>.01) In conclusion, butterfat percentage was higher for cows supplemented with Celmanax than supplemented cows.
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