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Mulching effects of fresh Sargassum Seaweed on soil properties and plant growth
Auteur(s) : Lopez, Francis
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: Université des Antilles. Service commun de la documentation University of West Indies, Barbados
Extrait de : 52e congrès annuel de la Société caribéenne des plantes alimentaires / 52nd annual meeting of the Caribbean food crops society (CFCS), du 10 au 16 juillet 2016. INRA, CFCS
Description : Mulch application of Sargassum seaweed (Sargassum spp.) to soil can help to reduce beach contamination in the Caribbean Region while providing beneficial horticultural effects. This study investigated the effects of fresh Sargassum mulch on soil properties and plant growth in a test crop of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. â? ? HA 3019â? TM). Fresh Sargassum material (washed and unwashed) was applied as mulches (0, 5 and 8cm thick) to small field plots one week after transplanting of 3-week-old seedlings. The mulch material was raked away from the plots after three weeks exposure. Observations on soil moisture, electrical conductivity, pH and biological activity, and plant growth were made at 1 to 2-week intervals over a 6-week period with additional soil measurements after 10 weeks. Soil biological activity (respiration) was increased by the Sargassum mulch with values being similar for the 5cm and 8cm mulch layers. Soil moisture content, pH and electrical conductivity (EC) were increased as the mulch layer increased and EC values were only marginally reduced by Sargassum washing. An increase in plant growth compared to the control treatment was noted only in the washed Sargassum treatments. Potential benefits of Sargassum seaweed mulches on soil properties and plant growth can be nullified due to soil salinization effects.
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