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Chemical Purification, Analysis and Screening core facility: overcoming challenges of natural product research in drug discovery
Auteur(s) : Calcul, Laurent
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: Université des Antilles AREBio Groupe de recherche BIOSPHERES : BIOlogie, Sciences Physiques & Humaines pour les énergies Renouvelables, l
Extrait de : 1er colloque international BIOSPHERES, du 18 au 20 juin 2019. Université des Antilles
Description : The Chemical Purification, analysis and Screening core laboratories (CPAS) are located at the University of South Florida campus in Tampa. This core offers instrumentation and expertise in fractionation, purification, and various chemical analyses to support synthetic and natural products drug discovery research groups. Our main equipment are dedicated to chromatographic separation and purification (MPLC, HPLC) and mass-spectrometry for analytic detection, quantification and identification (LC-MS SQ, QqQ and QToF). The CPAS services also include Circular Dichroism spectrometry, general spectroscopic characterization (UV, FTIR), lyophilization (bench top and high capacity freeze-dryers), synthesis (microwave reactor), ADME screening (permeability and drug solubility testing), and high-throughput screening development capability (automated liquid handler and multimode plate reader). An example of three significant studies will be presented at the conference to illustrate the CPAS core facility services: 1) Identification of new bioactive compounds from mangrove endophytic fungi as potential alternatives to malaria drug resistance, 2) Myricanol isolated from Bayberry (Myrica Cerifera) and its synthetic derivatives targeting the microtubuleassociated protein tau accumulation in the Alzheimer's disease and 3) New ent-labdane diterpenes with solid tumor cell lines antiproliferative properties from the endemic plant Eupatorium obtusissmum from the island of Hispaniola. The core provides research lab training workshops in advanced technology and assistance so users can operate any instruments available in the laboratories to successfully accomplish their analyses and research projects.

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