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Représentation sociale de l'agriculture durable et des pesticides chez les agriculteurs martiniquais
Auteur(s) : Feliot-Rippeault, Marie
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: Université des Antilles AREBio Groupe de recherche BIOSPHERES : BIOlogie, Sciences Physiques & Humaines pour les énergies Renouvelables, l
Extrait de : 1er colloque international BIOSPHERES, du 18 au 20 juin 2019. Université des Antilles
Description : In the current ecological, economic and social context, the systematic use of drugs (prescription or self-medication) has direct health and environmental consequences. As a result, it is important to understand their perception by their main consumers. In this sense, social and environmental psychology aims to highlight the socio-psychological factors likely to influence the actors to adopt new practices or not (Zbinden et al., 2011). The present study, conducted in 2016 in CACEM territory, focuses on the analysis of social representations (SR) of drugs of the population from Martinique. The theory of SR allows the analysis of this mediation between man and his physical and social environment because these representations are highly contextualized and depend on the social anchoring of the groups (Doise, 1992).

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